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Welcome To Grimes United Methodist Church!

We offer worship services at 8:30 and 11:00am, led by one of the church's praise teams. The service includes upbeat, contemporary praise and worship songs. Service is casual in nature, but intense in content. We begin by joining our voices in praise to our Creator. The time spent in God's presence is filled with song, prayer, silence, and response.

During each service GUMC offers a unique prayer time. Members and guests are invited to come forward and kneel at the altar for a time of prayer and silence. The Nursery is offered during worship services immediately down the hall from the Sanctuary.

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Grimes UMC

We enjoy lively worship, frequent fellowship, and any chance we get to deepen our relationship with Jesus!
Grimes UMC
Grimes UMC1 month ago
We're trying this out for future events.... If you have Snapchat, please have some fun with it tonight and let us know how you like it!
Grimes UMC
Grimes UMC2 months ago
The trustees are postponing the work day that was planned for tomorrow until next Saturday due to the wet weather. Grimes Umc make note!
Grimes UMC
Grimes UMC2 months ago
Pastor Ben's sermon today talked about getting us ready to see and shine the glory of God. We live as Holy people because He made these promises to us.
Promises of God
1) To Live with Us
2) To Welcome Us
3) To Make us Family
3 days ago
You don't "need" an Iphone X or a Google Assistant to play that hipster band. You want, but you don't need. Our culture always wants more stuff. Join us Sunday to hear how the 10th commandment speaks to our craving for more and how to live differently from our consumer culture. https://t.co/GXrWqQOpJ2 GrimesUMC photo
6 days ago
Don't forget to order your official GUMC merchandise this week! These T-shirts are soft and comfy and perfect for layering when you come to help build Bethlehem for OSN work nights! Click here to order! https://t.co/AG2Q0H8A4v https://t.co/35tVcX7MwT GrimesUMC photo
1 week ago
Do Not Steal & Do Not Lie encompasses more behaviors than you think. Join us Sundayto look at these and seek to obey what they mean for us. https://t.co/4o2NURjtE2 GrimesUMC photo
2 weeks ago
Shop online for your official GUMC merch until Nov 20! *choose store pick up option and we will pick it up for you! https://t.co/qg65t1IGfG
2 weeks ago
Jesus said purity is worth an eye & hand. Come on Sunday & learn why it's important to not mess around when it comes to the 7th commandment. https://t.co/sa3RYWpOBS GrimesUMC photo