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Grimes UMC

Galatians Sermon Series

This October and November we are walking through the book of Galatians to better live our lives as a reflection of the Gospel of Grace.

Praise 'N' Play

Meets Thursdays at 9:30 am for a time of praising Jesus and playing together. Praise 'n' Play starts with music then ends with a snack and story.
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C.O.R.E Groups

Join a CORE group! These are small groups that meet once a week to encourage and strengthen each other's faith.
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One Starry Night

The gates will open at 6:15pm, with guided tours leaving every few minutes. For more information, click the button below.
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  801 W. 1st St
  Grimes, IA 50111



At Grimes United Methodist Church we believe in making a difference through Christ by listening to the Holy Spirit and pursuing all of life's transformations. Loving God and our neighbors allows us to experience and share the testimony of Christ throughout the GUMC community, the state of Iowa, and the world. Join us as we build people who make a difference through Jesus Christ.