Whether you feel like a healthy, fruit-bearing tree or a dormant seed in the ground, God wants to grow you into the likeness of His Son, Jesus, so that you will bear much fruit.  And we want to help!

Our goal is to encourage and provide opportunities for you to grow in relationship with God and other women.

We would LOVE to hear where you are in your journey and come alongside you in whatever ministry God is calling you to right now.

For more information, contact Rachel Dahm.

On Thursdays, women meet at 6:30am at the Grimes Scooters for “Sisters @ Sunrise” for a bible study. Contact Stephenie Henson for more information.

Upcoming Flourish Events

March Forth
The Flourish Women’s Ministry Team invites women to March Forth on Sunday, March 4th. Beginning with a prayer walk at 5pm, followed by dinner. You’ll be encouraged to March Forth in what God is calling you to this year. Feel free to bring friends! RSVP to Michelle in the office by March 1st so we know how much food to provide and supplies for our craft.