Guatemala Mission Trip Information

Guatemala 2017

We are taking a group on a mission trip to Guatemala in the summer of 2017, giving the youth an opportunity for international mission experience as well as the opportunity to work side by side with other members of their faith community.

Who: youth, college students, and adults from the GUMC community.

Dates of the trip: July 15th-22nd, 2017

Destination: San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala.

Estimated Cost: $1799.00


Costs Included

  •     Lifetree Adventures program cost        $999.00
  •     Airfare (based on july 2016 rates)        $800.00


Costs not included

  •     Passport

       -  Minor (15 and under)- New        $105.00

       -  Adult (16+) - New            $135.00

        - Renewal                $110.00

  •     Immunizations                Dependent on Insurance Coverage
  •     Trip Insurance                $86-106 depending on coverage desired (quote from   

    Suggested Personal Spending money    $150 (souveniers, food at airport, “extras” on free day – see below)

Sample Itinerary:

Saturday – arrival into Guatemala City, 2-3 hour drive to San Juan La Laguna, meeting.

Sunday – attend a local church in Chichicastenango, then to the artisan market

Monday – Thursday – service rotations throughout the different projects

Tuesday pm – boat ride to Panajachel for dining and shopping

Thursday pm – special Guatemalan dinner

Friday – fun day (lots of possibilities in nearby Antigua)

Saturday – depart for the airport and fly home

Types of Projects:

  • Light construction projects for single mothers
  • Helping a struggling coffee farmer
  • Engaging in English language programs at a local school
  • Supporting a local women’s cooperative
  • Beautification projects throughout the community of San Juan La Laguna

Extras mentioned above to be considered for “fun day” activity:

  • Ziplining - $55-60 per person
  • Walking tour/shopping/museum – no fee 

  • Pacaya Volcano.  Enter the National Park and hike to the top of the beautiful volcano that stands over Antigua.  Strenuous hike, but worth the effort!  $25.00 

  • Santa Teresita.  Hot springs/massage/relaxation -$50.00 

  • Coffee  Plantation.  Tour one of the oldest coffee plantations in the region and taste some freshly roasted coffee goodness!  $25.00 

Important information to consider:

  1. Passports: Everyone will need a passport. If you don’t already have one, you must apply for one by December 31, 2016.  If you currently have a passport, please verify the expiration date and renew if necessary.
  2. Immunizations – Be up to date on all standard vaccines such as Tetanus, Mumps and Measles. The Hepatitis A vaccine is also recommended for international travel.  The CDC also recommends the Typhoid vaccine and taking malaria medication when traveling to Guatemala. (
  3. Trip Insurance – Lifetree provides supplemental medical insurance as part of the program cost. Trip insurance (for emergency cancellation) and more thorough medical coverage can be purchased through TravelGuard Insurance for an additional cost.


We have set a fundraising goal of $12,000. There will be several fundraisers held throughout the next year in order to accomplish this. Assuming we meet this goal, the cost to each participant would be reduced to $1299.00. If this goal is not met, or the number of participants differs from the 24 we’re planning on, this amount will be readjusted.  We expect participation by all members at these events as a commitment to the team.

Our proposed fundraisers are as follows. You will be expected to participate in 5 of the 7 fundraising events. See our News page for specific information on fundraisers as they come up.

  • Oct. 22:  5K and Fun Run
  • Nov. 15:     Dinner Auction, 6:00-8:00pm
  • Jan. 8:      Trivia Night, 6:00-8:00pm
  • Feb. 5:     Souper Bowl, after 2nd service
  • Feb. 28:   Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner
  • Apr. ?      
  • May 6:     Market to Market Relay

Team meetings:

Team meetings will be held monthly from October to June of 2017. The focus of these meetings will be team building, preparation for international travel and learning about the Guatemalan culture. Attendance at these meetings is required.

Tentative Payment Schedule:

  1. $100 deposit – due with application, by August 22, 2016. If you are selected to be a part of the team, the deposit is non-refundable. If not selected, the deposit will be refunded.
  2. $400 due by 11/1/16
  3. $400 due by 1/1/17
  4. $400 due by 3/1/17
  5. Any final payments – if the fundraising goal isn’t met will be due by 5/1/17

**  Payments may always be made in advance  **

Persons interested would be asked to meet the following basic requirements and complete an application process.

  1. Must be a Christian who has an active, committed relationship with Jesus Christ and seeks to study Scripture and apply it to their daily life.
  2. Be active at Grimes UMC at least one year prior to the week of the trip--regularly involved in the ministries of the church.
  3. Possess the ability and desire to share Christ with others.
  4. Demonstrate maturity and proven dependability, which is seen by peers and church leaders.
  5. Attend all monthly training sessions, trip meetings, and fundraisers. Absences must be cleared with Theresa Bargfrede well in advance.
  6. Student--must have finished 10th grade or higher.
  7. Student--must receive parental approval.
  8. Student--must have attended at least one other mission trip with GUMC.
  9. Student--must be participating in one of the weekly youth faith opportunities, i.e. Wednesday Night Live, or Sunday School.


**  If there are any questions, please contact Janette Friesen ( or Theresa Bargfrede (641-814-3060;