There are several local missions that you can participate in:

Meals from the Heartland
Meals from the Heartland is a non-profit organization reaching homeless people in unique ways; in tents and shacks, in doorways and abandoned buildings, in cars and under bridges. Grimes UMC works with Meals from the Heartland throughout the year in various serving opportunities and supporting through donations dropped off at the warehouse located at 118 SE 4th Street, Suite 120, Des Moines, IA 50309.... Read More

Food Pantry
GUMC houses the food pantry for Grimes. Participants can pick up dry goods as well as vouchers for perishable goods. Food and monetary donations are welcome. The Food Pantry is for residents of Grimes only. .... Read More

Kindness Packs
We are in need of supplies to help fill our “Kindness Packs” for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are homeless and in need. All prayers and donations for this effort would be greatly appreciated .... Read More

Faith Freezer
The people of Grimes UMC are generous and want to help their neighbors and friends when there is an illness or emergency. However, in most of the households, both adults work outside the home. This makes it difficult to immediately make meals for those needing them. The “Faith Freezer Program” is designed to make sure that there are meals on hand when there is a need. .... Read More