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The purpose of the Student Ministry at Grimes UMC is to create a space where students can come as they are as they seek to explore their faith in Jesus Christ and make connections with other students and adults. We achieve this by making sure every student is welcomed, cared for, connected, and walked with.

We Welcome in a way that every student knows he/she is instantly part of the group.

We Care For the students by following up with them when they come for the first time, when they’ve been gone for a while, or any other time help is needed. We not only care about their faith, but the whole life of each student.

We Connect students to other students, adults, the church, and most importantly, to Jesus Christ. Relationships are our priority because significant growth cannot happen without significant relationship.

We Walk With students in a way that they know everyone grows and learns in different ways, we all struggle and have doubts, but no one walks alone.

We offer a variety of programs each week:

Wednesday Night Live
Senior High Youth Group
Sunday School
Mission Trips

Contact Theresa Bargfrede, Director of Student Ministries, at for more information.

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3 weeks ago
During Lent, we are talking part in the Lenten Photo-a-day challenge: daily sharing a photo that expresses how you understand the word of the day. Will you join us? Be creative and use this as a way to practice paying attention and being intentional. Use #rethinkchurch #gumcyouth GUMCstudentmin photo
4 weeks ago
Bring your friends to come pack meals after the game this Friday! GUMCstudentmin photo